What makes a great tutorial? 4 steps to making one

What makes a great tutorial? 4 steps to making one

Tutorial is a great tool for onboarding new users. It can significantly improve first time user experience on the site and enhance product adoption. So what makes a really good tutorial? Here are a few steps to follow:

1. Chart a path

Develop a logical path and break it down into steps. As product owner you know the shortcuts to get your user to productivity faster. Think of the essential tasks that need to be completed to get the hang of things and walk through each one in progression.


2. Start with simple, move to complex

Lay the foundation by introducing the basics. Move from simple concepts to more complex ones. Getting on to a diffucult task right away may cause confusion and frustration.


3. Learning by doing

Don’t just show and tell. Create steps in a way to leave room for user action to be performed. Structure the sequence to incorporate “instruction-action” sequence. Make sure to provide feedback on the action performed and explain how exactly it worked and what to expect next. While attention is focused on a particular element or function it is a good opportunity to provide relevant additional information on how things work to elaborate and deepen understanding along the way.


4. Keep it short

Noone likes a 100-steps tutorial. Aim for short sequences that are easy to remember and replicate from memory later.