User Onboarding Review: LinkedIn (part 1)

User Onboarding Review: LinkedIn (part 1)

With this post we’re kicking off a series of User Onboarding reviews on well known web services to highlight best (and not so much) practices to help you create a great experience for your web app. ┬áToday we are looking at LinkedIn. They just recently introduced a new user onboarding flow and we will highlight noteworthy elements, that may be hiding from the naked eye.

Sign up flow

You’re greeted by a wizard, which collects basic information for your account. Let’s look at it in detail, step-by-step.

linkedin 1
linkedin 2
linkedin 3
linkedin 4

linkedin 5
linkedin 6
linkedin 7
linkedin 8
linkedin 9
linkedin 10
linkedin 11
linkedin 12
linkedin 13
linkedin 14
linkedin 15
linkedin 16
linkedin 17
linkedin 18
linkedin 19
linkedin 20
linkedin 21
And this brings us into the profile. However, the onboarding flow doesn’t end there… and we’ll look at it in part two. As you can see the process is quite long and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

A couple of points to highlight:

  1. Assume that your users are in a rush. Try to communicate value quickly and then build on that initial process to reinforce it.
  2. Make it simple. Try to minimize the signup process and introduce valuable relevant information in context.
  3. Highlight desirable actions and explain why it’s a good choice.
  4. Ask for information as needed.

Stay tuned for part two where we look at internal onboarding flow at LinkedIn.