User Onboarding Review: LinkedIn (part 2)

User Onboarding Review: LinkedIn (part 2)

This post is a continuation of the User Onboarding review on LinkedIn, which was published on May 5th. After the review of sign up flow, we are now going to take a closer look at part 2 – initial profile setup.

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Edit Your Profile

Remember how we just went through the lengthy sign-up flow… only to be greeted by yet another setup wizard. Even though it is understandable that LinkedIn is trying to enhance your profile by collecting information, the way the process is structured is more distracting than convenient. Let’s take a look at it step-by-step:


We can see many improvements in LinkedIn’s user onboarding; however, the overall experience is still suboptimal. The sign up process is too long and confusing.

LinkedIn is now a fairly well known social networking site, which most other early stage companies are not. Thus it’s very difficult to convince your users to invest time and energy in filling in all those fields, before they see value. See more on the subject in our post UX needs pyramid.

A better implementation would be to ask for current or most recent job and build from there. Once they’re in the profile you can cue for input of relevant additional information in order to introduce additional value which that information brings for LinkedIn members, driving engagement and reinforcing use.

Another trick is to make it visual. A LinkedIn profile is essentially your resume or CV. We can make it look like one and make the fields editable inline with a What-you-see-is-what-you-get text editor, prompting to fill in information right there to complete your professional identity.