Onboard like a Pro: Amazon

Onboard like a Pro: Amazon

With this post we begin a series of publications we call Onboard like a Pro, where we will study and share successful onboarding experiences from the best websites and applications. While each service is unique, there are techniques that can be used universally to establish clarity and create a welcoming experience for customers.

At myTips we often to advise customers to begin building their onboarding flow by picking one action they want new sign ups to complete after registration and guide them to that point. This helps to avoid initial confusion, particularly with rich feature web applications, which usually ends up with users taking a “poke around” approach.

In today’s example we look at Amazon. As a visitor you are presented with many pathways to take upon arriving on the site. There’s search, browsing by categories and a multitude of banners promoting certain merchandise – all competing for your attention. What Amazon knows is that regardless of which path you take it should ultimately end up in a purchase. For that reason they want you to be browsing from your account, as this provides for easier check out process thus driving the chance for a successful purchase and provides Amazon with important statistics on your shopping preferences.

The solution is genuinely simple, yet quiet effective – an auto pop up tooltip. Sliding animation helps to draw attention, setting it apart from the rest of the content. A slight shadow reinforces the visual effect by making it appear above the page. And most importantly, it serves to remind the visitors to log in, so they can continue browsing as a registered customer.

What we would also advise is to provide a quick message in the window describing advantages of logging in, i.e. easier checkout, wishlists and purchase history.




You can recreate this effect with myTips builder by creating an onboarding (autoplay), one step tour and attaching a bubble to that key element of your website. See how this was used by one of our customers iPay – an online payments platform – to highlight All services menu, which was often overlooked by visitors.



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