Onboard Like A Pro: Tumblr

Onboard Like A Pro: Tumblr

We recently launched a Tumblr blog to collect user onboarding gems we find all over the net. It’s one of the first platforms that embraced animated GIFs, which serves well for demoing processes with moving parts. I was new to Tumblr and was pleasantly surprised with their onboarding as you arrive from a brisk registration process, which was a great opportunity for a review. So here it is without further ado.

Tumblr 1-1

Tumblr 1-2

Tumblr 1-3

Tumblr 1-4

Tumblr 2-1

Tumblr 2-2

Tumblr 2-3

Tumblr 3-1

Tumblr 4-1

Tumblr 5-1

Tumblr 6-1