Designing for the web in 2014

Designing for the web in 2014

As the year 2014 kicks off, we wanted to go over the recent trends in web design that are likely to become more dominant. Both refreshing and creative they can help to simplify understanding and navigation.

Flat design
In 2013 flat design crossed the tipping point, coming on top as the designer’s choice. The much debated switch to flat in iOS 7 by Apple is one indication of many. Matters of taste aside, flat design offers several advantages – it’s lighter and offers more freedom without resorting to heavy, sophisticated design techniques. Be sure to check out for a fun side of this argument.



Mobile Web is here to stay. What this means is that your site will be viewed from a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. Responsive design does exactly that – optimizing the viewing experience for the device.



Long scrolling sites
Scrolling is the basis of navigation on the web. Over time we’ve become used to navigation in searching and reading through information. Long scrolling sites cater to this habit by eliminating need for structuring the site with separate pages. It’s a good way to organize content in a fluid coherent way (see our post The Linear Path). What we’ve noticed is that designers try to place content sparingly and update the design from screen to screen to accommodate smooth transition. Most people don’t even register how long have they been scrolling.

Publishers — Tinypass


Large Hero blocks
The web design is moving away from sliding image galleries on the main page, as they prove to not work. Instead the stage has taken large hero blocks – the center piece of the main page with an image or a video that is usually accompanied with a vivid headline or a call to action.



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Simple color schemes
More sites go with a very simple color schemes. Again this is more often the case with flat design, but there is a large number of sites that forego design alltogether, opting for a combination of just two colors or even one. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Tasteful combinations provide for a clean canvas that takes the distractions away, while bringing the message front and center.


New fonts
Designers increasingly opt for new fonts to give their sites a bit more personality. To note a few, Open Sans, FF Tisa and Lato have become very popular.




feature image by Leanda Xavian