Communicating value in 9 seconds.

Communicating value in 9 seconds.

Time is valuable. Your time is valuable and so is the time of your users. They say the average attention span of a person on the Internet is now close to that of a goldfish – 9 seconds. This seems about right given the amount of information we have to deal with every single day.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see the challenge of communicating value in quickly. With 9 seconds to spare your user may never get the chance to uncover the value of the product hidden behind overloaded design or clunky interface. Let’s learn from the best to see how to overcome this challenge.

1. Minimalistic design

Take the guesswork out of equation. Make desired action obvious and easy to complete.
Minimalistic design

2. Simplified sign up

Make it easy to join. Strive for only the most essential information. For most services an e-mail address and a password will suffice. Provide option for joining with existing social network accounts.
Simplified sign up

3. Customer onboarding

You are the power user of your own product. Share that wisdom and introduce your newcomers to the key features right away with tips or walkthrough guides.