3 simple ways to help users inline

3 simple ways to help users inline

In this post I want to highlight three easy, but effective ways to help users with your product and improve overall usability on your site. Either one or a combination of these are successfully used by big Internet companies.

Callout tip



A callout helps provide users with relevant information in context. This can be an action performed, first visit to a section of the site, release of new feature, etc. The beauty of the callout is that it’s visually vivid and assists users right on the screen. It also requires an action on the part of the user to either close the window or respond to suggested prompt, which captures attention. myTips has built it’s platform focusing on this medium and can help you quickly implement walkthroughs and tips on your site. Learn more at myTips.co

What’s this?


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Actively used by giants like Amazon and Mailchimp, appropriately placed¬†What’s this?¬†link will help answer common questions in regards to a new or less used feature or an otherwise vague functionality of your product or service. A helpful explanation placed behind the link can keep the user flow intact and avoid interruptions associated with user confusion over said feature. A tip from us: place the explanation text in an on-screen pop up window. Avoid opening a new page for this, as this is now largely perceived as annoyance.

Inline instructions 



Much like the previous example embedded instructions may be used to accompany processes that may appear obscure to your users or are prone to errors. A registration form for example. The right approach is to use a slightly different font, usually smaller to offer short instructions that help avoid common mistakes or explain the results.

The options we just reviewed are fairly easy to implement, but can have a profound impact on production adoption, conversions and overal satifsaction with your product.