Drive Conversions and Engagement with User Onboarding

Easily create timely, relevant, on-screen tooltips and product tutorials without coding.

Helping hundreds of businesses onboard users all around the world

Build, Publish & Analyze
User Onboarding Experiences Without Coding.

We've put together everything you need to create great, professional looking onboarding experiences super fast and easy. No engineers, no code, just results.

Create in Minutes

Our code-free visual builder lets you create onboarding tutorials and tooltips with speed, confidence, and ease.

Optimize Conversions

Test every element of your onboarding flow. Monitor performance and drop-off points to get the best results.

Drive Revenue

Increase customer engagement and convert more free-trial users into paying customers.

Build Onboarding Experiences
Quickly & Easy

myTips visual point and click editor is the easiest way to create and deploy onboarding tutorials and tooltips for your app. Start building your tutorial in seconds and display it a moment later. No coding required.

After installing the myTips snippet in our app, I felt confident handing over the task of creating the tutorials to non-technical members of our team. I was worried about myTips conflicting with our javascript heavy app, but the myTips team quickly solved our issues.

Donald McKendrick, developer, The Float Yard
user onboarding

Improve Customer's Success & User Engagement

increase user engagement

Show New Users How to Get Started

Guide new users of your app to become active customers with myTips product tutorials and help tooltips, triggered by time or behavior.

Turn Users Into Power Users

Answer questions as soon as they come up, right on the spot. Your toolips and tutorials will always be close by and shown on the screen.

user segmentation

Target the Right Users in the Right Moment

It’s easy for anyone to create tutorials that are automatically displayed to the right users based on their type or actions inside your app. You can display tutorials to the people who will find them most valuable.

We were looking for a solution to help new users quickly master our app. myTips really hits the spot with its ease of use and simplicity, as well friendly support.

Miguel Alvarez, product manager, SentoApp
Miguel, SentoApp

Totally In-sync With the Event Tracking Products You Love

myTips integrates with the tools you already use for your marketing and web analytics.
So, you can use existing events and customer properties to define advanced targeting rules.

mixpanel integration
intercom integration
segment integration
kissmetrics integration
increase conversions

Continuosly Increase Conversions

Now you can test and track every element of your onboarding flows (copy, timing, etc.) without waiting for your engineering team. Start testing your ideas to drive user engagement and convert more free-trial users into paying customers.

Companies are spending too much money on acquiring customers. Successful conversion means maximizing the value from every customer visit and ensuring they always come back for more.

Dr. Tal Schwartz, founder and CEO, ClickTale
Tal Schwartz

Empower Your Marketing and Customer Success Team

Design and deliver personalized user onboarding experiences to your customers
in minutes without waiting for your engineering team.

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