Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Jun 16, 2018What's your favorite series from Humongous Entertainment?
Jun 10, 2018Which kind of simulator game/genre do you like most?
Jun 02, 2018When you start a new, unfamiliar game, which difficulty level do you choose?
May 27, 2018In which historical setting would you like to see an Assassin's Creed title?
May 19, 2018Which one of these games deserves a sequel?
May 13, 2018What's your favorite old computer? (From this non-canonical list!)
May 05, 2018What is your opinion on virtual reality (VR) in gaming?
Apr 29, 2018What is your favourite soccer video game series?
Apr 22, 2018Which Rayman game did you like the most?
Apr 14, 2018What is your favourite flight simulation series?
Apr 07, 2018How many MobyGames corrections do you have pending?
Apr 01, 2018Do you like quick-time events (QTE) in games?
Mar 24, 2018Which handheld gaming device do you like the most?
Mar 18, 2018In your opinion, which is the worst eShop (in terms of reliability, usability, search results)?
Mar 10, 2018What is your favourite turn-based strategy (not tactics) game/series?
Mar 03, 2018What is your favorite Doom game?
Feb 24, 2018Aside from collecting purpose itself, which bonus content is the biggest reason for making you buy a retail Collector's Edition release of some game?
Feb 18, 2018Do you like clones of your favorite games?
Feb 11, 2018Tea or Coffee?
Feb 03, 2018Do you prefer to play retro games on the original console, or via emulation?
Jan 28, 2018What's the best video game controller ever?
Jan 19, 2018Do you play downloadable or built-in games on your smart TV if you got one? That means TV set that runs a dedicated OS like Google TV, Firefox OS, Tizen and so on.
Jan 13, 2018In your opinion, which South Park game is the best?
Jan 06, 2018What's your favourite Rockstar Games-related IP?