Written by  :  Tony Denis (475)
Written on  :  Dec 13, 2016
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  1.43 Stars1.43 Stars1.43 Stars1.43 Stars1.43 Stars

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One of the worst fighting games I ever played

The Good

Admittedly, the limb and facial damage, and sheer brutality of the game is pretty impressive. While a game a year before (Tao Feng) had a very similar system, it's still kinda unique nonetheless.

You can unlock Abraham Lincoln in this game, apparently. Four score and he's gonna beat your ass 'cuz FREEDOM.

The Bad

Pretty much everything else. Now, I'm not a Fight Club expert. I seen bits and pieces of the movie here and there, but while the book and movie were surreal and darkly satirical, the game makes an abject case of that, being an example of what it parodies. Nothing relates to Fight Club in any way shape or form. It's a second rate fighting game that makes Catfight look like Street Fighter by comparison.

For the fighting system, it's so run of the mill and ordinary that it makes little to no difference. Combos must be pulled off like Street Fighter or Tekken. Even though I just button mash my way to victory, the combos can be ridiculously easy or frustratingly hard to pull off. Nothing original to differ it is in this game, either. Even the brutality and clothes tearing system was taken from Tao Feng. Compare this to Tekken, Street Fighter, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat or any other fighting game, it's essentially the middleman's fighter that's so generic, even games with crappier fighting mechanics managed to outshine this (cough Fugitive Hunter).

The character creation system is pretty bad, but it's so useless it's not worth talking about. Like, I can create more things by just drawing them. Or writing them. Or, I dunno, play some Soul Calibur or whatever. The soundtrack is kinda hit and miss, but most of it is crappy nu metal, and you can unlock Fred Durst too, apparently. Way to put insult to injury.

Also, Meat Loaf has jiggle physics. Watch out, fighting game girls! I swear, he's so jiggly, he'd win in a contest with Kasumi for god's sake. Maybe Litchi. Or uh...another Meat Loaf?

The Bottom Line

Now, while the game is a cut above from my worst games of all time because it's in a genre that I really don't mind from time to time, it's still a bad game. It's one of those cases where something gets a licensed game so unnecessary it's promptly blown over and forgotten? Yeah, it's this game. Don't buy it.

Also, did I mention Meat Loaf has jiggle physics?