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    The final chapter for the Super Robot Wars series is finally here on PS3™!
    Enjoy the overwhelming battle animation of the real type robots depicted by the impacting high definition for the Super Robot Wars series!
    The story starts and takes place in the outer world of “La Gias (ラ・ギアス) which is in the crisis of destruction. The story is depicted by from the perspective of the new character from the installation part. An explanation about the world view of the “Super Robot (魔装機神)” is also provided for those who have never played the series before for better understanding.
    There are several new characters and units, as well as protagonists from before will appear!

    Don’t miss the last and the biggest battle of the Super Robot Wars series!

    Content file size: 8741MB


    One time fee for use or downloads on up to 2 console systems and 2 portable systems that are compatible with the content and associated with the purchasing account.

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