Pink Sox 5 Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Title screen
The sci-fi tale begins in a scary way...
...and becomes tragic
Empty corridors...
Control room
This mini-game is very funny :) Imitate that little guy's movements!
Reward for a bad performance
You can practice...
...and get better (?) rewards
High-level reward
Romantic title for the Balancing Beam of Love story
Sayaka introduces herself
Point and click!
You can click on the cat :)
Sayaka is asleep...
Halftime Lover continues
An unexpected meeting...
...leads to non-interactive sex...
...and possibly romance
Introducing the series
Poker title screen
I know how to play poker, thank you
I get two pairs all the time!
Hmm... the picture is almost done. Should I risk going for a straight?..
Description of Adultic Time
Title screen of Adultic Time
Getting started
Match the items!
As always, there are funny cutscenes...
...with unexpected results