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Forum Topic Date
Suggestions Group suggestion: Super Scaler arcade tech (Outrun, Space Harrier etc.) Aug 08, 2018
Suggestions UserScore on Moby is Worthless Jun 20, 2018
Suggestions Suggestion: Unlicensed/Unofficial Apr 16, 2018
Suggestions DOSBOX games are not really windows platform Jun 20, 2018
Suggestions When adding a game to your wantlist, you shouldn't have to select a platform Jun 20, 2018
MobyGames Criteria for merging/splitting games? Jul 08, 2017
MobyGames Double Dragon 2 needs to be split Apr 10, 2016
MobyGames what is the correct platform? Mar 10, 2016
MobyGames Main Title Sep 29, 2015
MobyGames Small problem with mobyranks Dec 20, 2014
MobyGames Game Groups discussions Jun 18, 2018
MobyGames Announcement (the old site is coming back) Dec 19, 2013
MobyGames October, 2013 bug/features poll for everyone!! Oct 27, 2013