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Forum Topic Date
Game Forums Can minor DLC be excluded from the series list? Jun 17, 2018
Bugs Server Error while trying to approve Jun 08, 2018
Game Talk What's your first game added to Mobygames and when? May 30, 2018
Game Forums Rename? May 20, 2018
MobyGames SPD is a political party and... May 12, 2018
MobyGames Release Date for Early Access Titles Mar 02, 2018
MobyGames Why PC games critics ratings always lower than console ratings on mobygames? Feb 25, 2018
Bugs Site has difficulty with short game titles Feb 22, 2018
Bugs URLs in notification mails broken Feb 16, 2018
Bugs Where are my missing points? Jan 16, 2018
Bugs scraper Dec 04, 2017
MobyGames Games split/merges Feb 06, 2018
Suggestions Game group date update Jul 26, 2017
News REMINDER: Our PlayStation game adding contest ends May 31st May 20, 2017
Suggestions Make tech info mandatory Apr 24, 2017
Bugs Promo art scraper vs. whole scraper Apr 16, 2017
News 'Entry helper' - the good, the bad, and what's next... Mar 29, 2017
Bugs Promo Art points not added to whole points Jul 05, 2016
News Revision of the genres May 25, 2016
Bugs Contribution lost in space Mar 17, 2016
Suggestions Add rating system as optional in new game wizard Mar 02, 2016
Bugs OFLC R18+ / sex scenes Apr 13, 2015
Game Talk Temporary game giveaways Jun 06, 2018
Bugs And again: E-Mail-notification is broken Mar 01, 2014
Bugs Search results incomplete May 11, 2014